hatch an egg

& take access

to Hugo's spaceverse

Join Hugo's Space Troops to solve the space mystery!

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Hugo has nested
somewhere in the metaverse

floating around
on the Binance Smart Chain

Enter the Metaverse and hatch your space egg!

Hatch your eggs


an egg

Eggs will grant access to Hugo’s Spaceverse, an adventurous space mystery that Hugo’s troops need to solve by gathering knowledge, skills and resources.

Game will frequently be updated so we request our players to frequently give proposals and updates for contributing towards development & creative.

Choose your Hugo Egg

and discover the space mystery

Alien egg
Ape egg
Cockerel egg
Doge egg
Frog egg
Robot egg
Humanoid egg
Zombie egg
Skeleton egg
Happy egg
Mad egg
Greedy egg
Sad egg
Dumb egg
Hugo egg



Hugo’s Spaceverse will consist of a digital cyberspace where users can roam through different planets and places.

Search through Space

to gather experience like:


Martial Arts

Power Training


Sharp Shooting


Space Exploration





become a master at exploring space

to gather resources for surviving or even engineering.

Join Hugo’s Spaceverse

Level up your skills

Leveling up your skills will allow many benefits and the items that you obtain can be held in your bag or in the vault. Hugo NFT will also give you access to many unique features like drop parties or clan building.

Play to earn

The unique play to earn mechanism will reward players in Hugo’s Space Market where you can sell your loot, or purchase some item that you might require for a quest.

Healing and


Healing and strengthening will be built through a strict and nutritious space diet that will consist of many plants, fluids and various protein resources.

our game

will be updated

The Hugo DAO will play a grand role in decentralizing the game, this will encourage our community to help us build and manage our development based on requirements of the Hugo organisation.

Hugo's Round Table is a democratic way to shape Hugo by voting on updates and suggestions.

Check out Hugo's Round Table



In traditional governance systems decisions are made unilaterally or in some cases by a board.

Hugo's governance token is a way to provide rules, direction, stability, boundaries and order in Hugo's ecosystem. Being a direct form of democracy, holders of Hugo can vote directly on proposals that affect the future of the ecosystem.

hugo dao


Hugo’s Space Verse will initially
be previewed in a comic book
to prepare the community for this space adventure.

The comic book will be mintable
through Hugo's dApp.



Hugo is a community project by heart and will take this as a main principal during the future development of the project.

Hugo holders are considered as the Bosses.

Join Hugo's Community:
white paper

nft road map

nft road map




During hatching season users will nest Hugo’s Eggs in the Nest and unlock their Spaceverse character. The first incentive that we have planned for our users is the hatching race.

The first hatcher of every egg type will be able to redeem a special 1 of 1 NFT that will be airdropped during hatching season. During hatching season we will also introduce the community vault that will be packed with tokens to organise great contests to earn tokens.

During this period Hugo will be introduced to many social peers & influencers in the cryptosphere as plan for our upcoming game release Hugo’s Space Verse.

space verse

Hugo’s Space Verse will be an insightful space adventure that allows the user to dive into a mysterious space discovery.

Early access to Hugo’s Spaceverse will be gained through Hugo’s Nest by unlocking your Hugo character in the hatching game. In the space verse you will be able to explore planets and places, collect items & resources and gain experience in your masteries and actions.




Hugo is excited to keep developing and creating for the community. That’s why we decided to integrate the metaverse into our 3D reality.

We will be airdropping physical Hugo governance tokens to the Bosses that will be redeemable in our dApp furthermore we will drop unique physical pieces that will help us spread the story about Space Verse like the Hugo comic, 1 of 1 artworks; Space Verse Map and lots of other significantly cool things.